Free Yourself from Guilt


Date: Saturday 8th of April, 2017
Time: 10:00 – 14:00
Location: Barcelona
Language: English
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How often do we feel guilty about the things we have done – or about the things we haven’t?

How many hours have we invested in reviewing again and again the same scenarios, making assumptions and wallowing in the treacherous “what ifs?”





The two sides of guilt

As with all emotions, guilt has an important mission. It provides us with valuable information about the consequences of our actions.

It acts as the compass of our values, showing us which way to follow.

But if we do not confront guilt, it can become incredibly destructive, tormenting us day and night. In truth, guilt has powerful allies, such as remorse and regret, unrest and unsatisfaction. It affects our decisions, behavior and relationships, starting with the one we have with ourself.

We condemn ourselves. We are our own judge and we assume the role of the executioner as well. Sometimes, we find ourselves doing or saying things that we do not really mean or feel, which undermines our self-esteem and physical and mental health.

Though invisible, guilt itself is more powerful than a maximum security prison.

Change of attitude

I should have, I should not have…. we punish ourselves relentlessly. But the truth is that we cannot change what has already happened.

Once the mistake has been done, what is the use of punishing ourselves time and again? In which way does this help the person whom we have wronged? In which way does this help ourselves?

What is important is to learn the lessons, question the role guilt is playing, and reflect on how we can free ourselves from the weight it is putting on our life.

Ultimately, we are all creators of our reality. It is up to us to interpret what is happening to us and to act accordingly. It is possible to learn to follow the path laid out by our heart without feeling constant guilt.

Let us remember that we can not change others, but we can change ourselves, and by doing so we are influencing a change in our immediate environment.


The aim of this workshop

In this workshop I invite you to learn how to let go of guilt when it already has fulfilled its mission in your life. The process helps you accept that we aren’t perfect, that we are on a learning journey called “life” and that the only “mistake” that exists is not to learn from the experiences.

The process balances your perceptions by neutralizing your emotional burdens and freeing yourself from feelings of guilt and victimization that detract from your power.

The workshop will be very hands-on and experienced through questioning the conditioning that we have received and putting a stop to the association of mistake with failure and surrender. By investing in giving ourselves another chance and forgiving ourselves, we are able to stop living with guilt and start living freely.

If we do not act in time, this backpack we carry on our backs called guilt can become a heavy and sterile burden.

Almost all of us have felt guilty at any one time because of a perceived error. The problem arises when the weight of the guilt blocks our judgement and robs us of our peace of mind. The obvious solution is to manage and get rid of it.

I encourage you to leave guilt behind and follow your path; if you do not know how to free yourself from your guilt, this is the perfect workshop for you.

In this workshop you have the chance to learn the basics of the guilt liberation process. In this way you take apart the past and future and live in the present. When you live in the present, with your perceptions well balanced, then extraordinary things start to occur.


Maria José Gironella

“The workshop was very well conducted by Yasmin. She provided very clear information and clarified in the moments I was confused, allowing me to realize the most unconscious motivation of guilt and let it go.”  sterren14/12/2014

Sergio Roig

“Fantastic! At the seminar, we were shown in a very clear way what lies behind a feeling of guilt and the hidden benefits of a past decision - which generates regret. It was liberating. I learned by applying the presented concepts and methods, that it is possible to gain a more complete understanding on a past action, through a calm acceptance of the facts - this frees yourself from the feeling of guilt. Thank you Yasmin! For your kindness, dedication and joy.” sterren10/12/2014

Carlos Lopez Ramirez

“Yasmin's methodology and her vocation for the work make this a magnificent workshop. As a trainer, her passion and kindness are perfectly reflected, and are aligned with that which she presents in her workshops. It turns her message into a very potent one. I will definitely repeat.” sterren26/1/2015


”Excellent!! Yasmin has transmitted her knowledge very well through her professionalism and empathy, which has proved very useful for our continuing growth. Many times the feeling of guilt limits us and produces in us mental representations that limit us. I find this workshop very recommendable and finely delivered.” sterren25/1/2015

Marta Ruiz, Restaurant Manager

 “Once more I'd like to congratulate you on this workshop! We felt very comfortable listening to you and all that you explained was very interesting!! I have been attending many of Yasmin´s workshops and they are ALL enriching and life changing. I especially recommend this workshop while freeing ourselves from the unconscious baggage of guilt and not feeling we deserve our maximum well-being can be very damaging if we don´t treat it and liberate ourselves from it. If you do not know how to free yourself from the unnecessary feeling of guilt come to Yasmin´s workshop she will help you!! Her method is fascinating!! I feel much better now!  Thank you very much for everything Yasmin and until the next one!! Barcelona, Spain, 2014

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Event Details

Event Details

Date: 08/04/2017

Start time: 10:00

End time: 14:00

Venue: Carrer de La Diputacio 346

Coordinates: 41.3964438,2.1752910999999813

Phone: +34 695 551 882