I Love You, Now Change


Date: Saturday 18th of March, 2016
Time: 10:00 – 14:00
Location: Barcelona
Language: English
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Do you feel that even when your partner is trying to please you, he or she never really fully understands you? Or the other way around, do you feel that something is failing in your relationship because the other person becomes upset with you…. without you knowing why? Or without them giving an explanation?

“You should call me more often”…. “You should change your style of clothing”….”You should find a better job”…. “You should be more mature”…. “Why aren´t you more attentive to me?”, “Why aren´t you healthier?”, “Why aren´t you more organized?” , “Why do you always disagree with me?” “Why aren´t you more caring towards me?”

If you pay attention you will realize that you have these kinds of thoughts in a relationship a dozen times a day. These thoughts are ways of wanting the reality that we live with our partner to be different than what it really is.




The rules of every relationship  

The rules of every relationship dictate all things that should or should not be done in order to avoid conflicts and resentments.

Each person´s rules are usually unconscious, as we have many times never analyzed them. Yet, we somehow expect our partner to just know how we feel, and know our rules without explaining them.

But how do we know what our rules are? Well…when others break them. When our rules are violated, we become frustrated, dissappointed, angry, the list goes on… and precious time is wasted in the relationship, that will never come back.

How many Sunday afternoons have been wasted arguing who was actually right…?

Obeying is not synonymous with Loving 

As children we learn that to obey is an expression of love; that you should not protest if you want the love of your parents. Later on, in a love relationship, the same thoughts occur.

We suffer in love relationships when we maintain a thought that is not in line with the reality.

What would happen if you realized that love has nothing to do with what your partner decides to do or not do?

What would happen if you realized that your pain is not your partner’s fault?

What would happen if you realized that forgiveness is not dependent on the approval of the other person?

What would happen if you realized that it all depends how you perceive the reality?

Your reality is many times not THE reality.

The aim of this workshop

In this workshop you will learn to question your thoughts. We will work on your understanding and definition of love between couples and the relationship with yourself.

I invite you to view love relationships in a healthier and happier manner.

I encourage you to think of your current relationship or maybe of a person whom you still have not totally forgiven, someone towards whom you still feel resentment. This is the most efficient place to start. Even if you already have forgiven this person 99%, you will not be free until your forgiveness is complete. That 1% of resentment that you have held on to is precisely the place where you are stuck in all your other relationships (the relationship with yourself included).

In this workshop you will understand through some powerful exercises who you are by looking at whom you believe the other person to be. You will get to see that everything that is outside of you is a reflection of your own thinking.

This is the moment to look inside yourself, to look at your current love relationship or previous relationships in a different way to be able to understand them and generate positive changes.

This workshop is not only for people currently in relationships, but also for people who want to change their patterns so previous relationships do not influence their present and future ones.

Naturally it is also essential for those who want to bring their intimate relationship to the next level.

Why wait until things go wrong?

Why not continue improving the quality of your relaitionship, even though it´s okay?


“I loved it. Very interesting. It helped me a lot to see other perceptions of reality. I encourage you to contact Yasmin whom I define as a very good coach. I'm sure that I will attend more of her workshops.” sterren2/6/2015


“I recommend the workshop to everybody. It is important to know where our thoughts come from and by having the power to change them we can have a better version of reality. I definitely will come back to another workshop. I felt listened to. You have helped me understand behaviors within a relationship and all of it accompanied by good tea. It was great.” sterren1/12/2014

Marta R.

“I loved your workshop. It was great, and I could have stayed for thousands of hours listening to all that you explained to us. In fact, I will come back!! Thank you a thousand times for conveying your knowledge to us and for your kindness and politeness!! I loved everything!! Thank you!!” sterren28/11/2014


“I liked the workshop very much! I have learned a lot and will continue with individual sessions. Thank you Yasmin.” sterren10/5/2015

Eva Isings, Psychologist

”The workshop was very interesting and presented intimate relationships from an innovative and different view. I learned many things that I can apply to my daily life with my partner. Yasmin, as a coach, is exceptional. She explained everything in a very clear way, with many personal examples, and knows how to reach people very well. The four hours passed by very quickly. I will definitely attend more of her workshops. ” Barcelona, Spain, 2016

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Event Details

Event Details

Date: 18/03/2017

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